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14 Nov 2017 – 21 Nov 2017
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The Beagle yacht is an impressive 105 foot schooner with teak decks and a charming interior. A very popular and highly regarded yacht at the Galapagos Islands, perfect for relaxed and comfortable cruising.


DAY 1 – Baltra’s Airport / Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
DAY 2 – Floreana: Puerto Velasco Ibarra / Cormorant Point
DAY 3 – Española: Punta Suaréz / Gardner Bay
DAY 4 – San Cristobal: Punta Pitt / Isla Lobos
DAY 5 – Santa Fe / South Plazas
DAY 6 – North Seymour / Bartolome
DAY 7 – Chinnese Hat / Santa Cruz: Cerro Dragon
DAY 8 – Black Turtle Cove / Baltra’s Aiport
DAY 1 – Baltra’s Airport / Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
DAY 2 – Genovesa: Prince Philip´s Steps / Darwin Bay Beach
DAY 3 – Santiago: Egas Port
DAY 4 – Isabela: Vicente Roca Point / Fernandina: Espinosa Point
DAY 5 – Isabela: tagus Cove/ Urbina Bay
DAY 6 – Isabela: Elizabeth Bay / Moreno Point
DAY 7 – Isabela: Sierra Negra, Galapaguera / Puerto Villamil
DAY 7 – Santa Cruz: Twin Craters / Baltra’s Airport

8 Days cruise: Regular price: US$ 3,990.oo

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  • Category – First Class Sailor Boat
  • Capacity – 14 passengers
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