Traveling Is Good for Your Health – Scientific Facts

Traveling Is Good for Your Health – Scientific Facts

For some people traveling comes like the most natural thing to do. For others though it takes longer to decide to just get going and the comfort of their home seems irreplaceable. Well, for the second category of people, you should definitely consider traveling more often because of its multiple benefits. You’ll love these, just have a look:

Traveling boosts your immune system

Traveling exposes you to different environments, which create stronger antibodies and boost your immune system significantly.

According to research exposure to some dirt and minor illnesses actually keeps your body and gut stronger. And, when you travel from place to place, your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria, and this way it becomes much stronger.

Traveling Is Good for Your Health – Scientific Facts

Traveling lowers stress levels

It’s a scientific fact that traveling increases happiness and decrease your depression. A study found that three days after vacation, travelers felt well-rested, less anxious, and in a better mood. And, the great thing is that these improvements didn’t disappear when they returned home, in fact they lasted for weeks afterward.

Traveling improves your brain health

Studies have shown a connection between travel and an increase in creativity, a deeper sense of cultural awareness and personal growth. The reason for this could be the fact that traveling somehow expands your mind as you meet new people and you adapt to new situations. Basically you become more globally and culturally aware.

Traveling can decrease heart disease risks

According to the long-running Framingham Heart Study men and women who traveled annually were less likely to suffer a heart attack or develop heart disease.

Traveling Is Good for Your Health – Scientific Facts

Traveling keeps you fit

Usually when people travel, they want to try new things and see all there is to see, therefore it’s more likely for them to attempt an extreme sport, walk the city streets much more than they would back home, or hike to get the best views of the surroundings.

Traveling is linked to longer life span

Research shows that traveling reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts brain health. This adds up to an increased chance of living longer and to having more fun doing it.

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